Nati - a double, a small catamaran with dimensions of 440/190 cm, electrically driven, diesel or gas. The customer can choose the type of drive, color options and equipment of the boat. The flexibility of the offer is addressed to individual customer needs. The project model was inspired by the shapes of the automotive industry, from scratch made by the company „Gtech boats”, and thus the pattern is unique.

Catamaran has a small footprint, so it is suitable for recreational purposes willingly seen in the ports with the possibility of borrowing. Depending on customer needs, we can customize the color of the boat and the type of drive, which proves the flexibility of our offer. The front and rear portions is locker, and the motors are located at the rear.


His grace, shapes and modernity is of interest to customers. Copyright shapes swimmers and modelNati was consulted with specialized universities, which confirmed the safety of the product. They were also made tests later confirmed the declaration CE.

Currently, "Gtech boats" working on a project of four boats, which will premiere at the fair WiW (Wind and Water.

We hope that the projects arouse your interest, which will allow for further development of the company. If you are interested in our project, please contact us by phone or email.